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Wells Fargo has leveraged its dominant positions in the ABS, MBS, and CMBS markets to become a force in CDO administration. The group is proud of its success with premiere portfolio managers and issuers. Through our proprietary technology and superior customer service reputation you will benefit from our CDO services. The CDO Division has established itself as a solid player in CDO's comprised of ABS, MBS, REIT, High Yield, Investment Grade, Credit Default Swaps and CLO's comprised of syndicated bank loans. We also work on synthetic structures including bonds and balance sheet loans. More About Us

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Series List
Series Current Cycle Date Next Cycle Date Next Cycle Publication Date Publication Help opens in new window
  NXT Capital CLO 2017-1, LLC. 05/20/2019   06/19/2019   06/19/2019 05:00PM EDT  
  NXT Capital CLO 2017-2, LLC. 05/24/2019   06/24/2019   06/24/2019 05:00PM EDT  
  NXT Capital CLO 2015-1, LLC 05/20/2019   06/20/2019   06/20/2019 05:00PM EDT  
  NXT Capital CLO 2014-1, LLC 04/23/2018     Terminated  
  NXT Capital CLO 2013-1, LLC 10/24/2017     Terminated  
  NXT Capital CLO 2012-1, LLC 10/19/2017     Terminated