Series LCCM - 2013GCP

Ladder Capital Commercial Mortgage Securities, LLC 2013 - GCP


Welcome to the Investor Registry

The Investor Registry is being made available, subject to the terms and provisions of the transaction documents, as a voluntary service to Certificateholders and Beneficial Owners who wish to communicate with other Certificateholders and Beneficial Owners. You may not view the Investor Registry, unless you are a Certificateholder or Beneficial Owner of Certificates, and you have agreed to be listed thereon. You authorize us to make your information available for at least 45 days to all others who similarly submit their information through this process. We make no representation as to the accuracy or validity of the information on the Investor Registry and we do not undertake to keep it current. For a complete and accurate list of Certificateholders and Beneficial Owners, you must follow the procedures listed in the transaction documents. In order to be listed in the Investor Registry you must complete the Investor Registry Enrollment Form.

If you no longer own Certificates and wish to be removed from the Investor Registry, please call CTSLink Customer Service at 866-846-4526.