New Series

July 2020 New Deals

Series List
Shelf Type Shelf ID Series Current Cycle Date Next Cycle Date Next Cycle Publication Date Publication Help opens in new window
  ABS AEFR Amur Equipment Finance Receivables VIII 2020-1 Not Available    
  ABS DRB DRB LFS 2020 - A Not Available    
  ABS DTAC DT Auto Owner Trust 2020-2 Not Available    
  ABS GLS GLS Auto Receivable Trust 2020 - 2 Not Available    
  ABS GMALT GM Financial Automobile Leasing Trust 2020 - 2 Not Available    
  ABS NSLT Navient 2020 - E Not Available    
  ABS OASIS Oasis Financial 2020 - 2 Not Available    
  ABS SHIS Helios III Issuer Solar Asset Backed Notes 2020-A Not Available    
  ABS WESTLAKEART Westlake Automobile Receivables Trust 2020 - 2 Not Available    
  CDO ARES55 ARES LV CLO LTD 07/02/2020   07/30/2020   07/30/2020 05:00PM EDT  
  CMBS BAMLC Banc of America Merrill Lynch Commercial Mortgage Inc. - 2020 BNK27 Not Available    
  CMBS BCMS Barclays Commercial Mortgage Securities, LLC - 2020 C7 Not Available    
  CMBS CSCMSC Credit Suisse Commercial Mortgage Securities Corp. - 2020 LOTS Not Available    
  CMBS GACRE Grand Avenue CRE Ltd - 2020 FL2 Not Available    
  CMBS GSM GS Mortgage Securities Corporation II - 2020 KF79 Not Available    
  CMBS HPA Home Partners of America - 2020 1 Not Available    
  CMBS JPC J.P. Morgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Corp. - 2020 COR7 Not Available    
  CMBS MF1CAP MF1 Capital - 2020 FL3 Not Available    
  CMBS PRD Progress Residential Depositor, LLC - 2020 SFR2 Not Available    
  CMBS RCAD ReadyCap Commercial Asset Depositor II, LLC - 2020 SBC9 Not Available    
  CMBS USQPE USQ Phase Eight, LLC, Class A Senior Secured Notes Not Available    
  CMBS WFCM Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage Securities, Inc. - 2020 C56 Not Available    
  MBS CAART Caliber Advance Receivables Trust - 2020 ADV1 Not Available    
  MBS GNMA Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) - 2020 083 Not Available