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CTSLink is equipped with a rate limiter designed to prevent the application from receiving too many requests. The limiter was implemented because many users have written scripts to retrieve documents from the site in a manner which was causing CTSLink to crash during critical processing periods.
There are two thresholds by which the limiter functions. During normal business hours the limiter is currently set at 60 requests per minute. Outside of business hours the limit is 120 requests per minute. When a threshold is reached the application will send a response header containing the code.
Note that these are global settings and apply to all users of the system. We cannot change the values for a particular user. We can however decrease or increase these values depending on scripting activity within the system.
Business hours are defined as 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
When a user has exceeded their maximum requests the system will respond with a standard header (HTTP status code 503). In addition, an error message is provided indicating that the user has exceeded their maximum number of requests per minute. An additional header is provided with the number of seconds the application should wait (Retry-After) before sending another request. This should allow your application to detect whether you have been throttled and restart accordingly.

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