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The External Collateral Files for the securities administered by Wells Fargo are available for your review on CTSLink on the 25th day of each month, or the next business day if the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday. Each file contains 2 files named SECF.dat and SECF.rep. The SECF.rep file includes a listing of each series in the loan level file along with its loan count and balance. You can access the files by clicking on Residential Securities (MBS), then selecting the Other Reports and Files shelf, Shelf Documents link, and choosing the Columbia Collateral Files.

Please note the following:

  1. The secf.rep file provides a listing of all the portfolios in the file. Specifically, this list provides the Series Name, the Pool Number (which appears in positions 445-454), and the number of collateral items and current outstanding balance per pool.
  2. The collateral file layout can be found on CTSLink by selecting the File Layouts link. The filename is: External Collateral File – Updated November 2008.
  3. Code translations for various fields are also available on CTSLink. These tables have been compressed into a single .zip file and can also be found by selecting the File Layouts link. The filename is: External Files – Code Translations. The fields provided are: Property Type, Delinquency Code, Document Type, Index Type, Loan Purpose type, Loan Type, and Ownership Type.
  4. These tapes have been created with a blocking factor of FIFTY.
  5. All current loans on this month’s file have a “Due for Date” of mm/01/yyyy, where “mm” = the current calendar month the report is posted, and “yyyy” = the current calendar year the report is posted, while delinquent loans have the date of the next payment due from the borrower in this field.

Please feel free to contact our department at with any questions. In the e-mail, please reference the deal name and the appropriate analyst will contact you.